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The Big Green Egg. Grilling at the Next Level

Big Green Egg Dealers

The Big Green Egg is more than just another grill – It grills, bakes,smokes, controls the heat, and basically turns your outdoor patio into a kitchen.  We chose to give the Big Green Egg its own page because of its unique place in outdoor cooking.  At Grates and Grills, we carry just about all the models and accessories that they produce, so don’t hesitate to stop in, email, or call us to get your Big Green Egg.

Accessories for the Big Green Egg

Once you have your Big Green Egg, check out all the accessories, support, and recipes you can try – courtesy of Grates and Grills, and the Big Green Egg.

  • Large Green Egg

  • Medium Green Egg

  • Mini Green Egg

  • Small Green Egg

  • XL Green Egg