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Fireplace Accessories

We have some of the most interesting accessories for your fireplace in stock.  here are just a few of the items we carry along with a description of what they are.

  • Hearth Crickets: For centuries in China, crickets have been symbols of good luck. Charles Dickens also mentions the good luck that they bring in his novella “Crickets on a Hearth”.
  • Steamers and Kettles:  If you’ve had a stove for any length of time, you know that it can dry the air out.  Steamers and kettles add needed humidity to the air as well as decoration to your stove.
  • Fire Ants:  Similar to the crickets, fire ants are another symbol of good luck.
  • Oil Pot and Wand: Prior to automatic lighters, the oil pots provided a convenient way to light your fire and always have the oil handy.
  • Firestarters (fatwood): This is a naturally occurring product which comes from the stump of certain evergreens. It lights quickly, burns hot and is wind resistant.
  • Wood Stove Gasket:  We literally stock miles of gasket, because it wears out.  If you need it, we have it.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Creosote sprays, glass cleaner, polish, high temperature stove paint, and everything else you need to take care of your fireplace or stove.