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Grills are one of our specialties.  Grates and Grills has a large showroom in which you are able to look at and compare numerous brands of grills so that you may purchase the one that best suits your needs. Grates and Grills is able to offer these grills at a very competitive price because of the large number of grills we sell. We service what we sell, subject to parts availability.  Unfortunately we can’t ship these, so we encourage you to come in to our store, browse, and talk to our knowledgeable salespersons.

  • AOG 24 PCL Portable

  • AOG 24NBL Built-In

  • AOG 30 PCL Portable

  • AOG 30NBL Built-In

  • AOG 36 PCL Portable

  • AOG 36NBL Built-In

  • Black Diamond Series

  • FM E1060i Echelon Built-in Series

  • FM E1060s 51 Echelon Portable Series

  • FM-E790i Echelon Built-In Series

  • FM660 Echelon Portable Series

  • FM660 Echelon Series

  • Genesis II E210

  • Genesis II E310

  • Genesis II E410

  • Genesis II E610

  • Genesis II LX E240

  • Spirit E210

  • Spirit E310

  • Spirit E330

  • Summit E470

  • Summit E670

  • Weber Q-1200 Grill